Kees de Goede (1954)

De Goede emerged at Atelier ’63 (Haarlem) and P.S.1 (New York City), his subjects and materials coming from the world around him. The starting point for his initial drawings and paintings were the branches of wood or stalks of bamboo that directed his process of composition. In his art, De Goede does not aim to reproduce nature but rather to work in close alliance with it.
Since the early 80's, De Goede's working methodology expanded his sources of inspiration beyond the natural. He began an exploration into drawing on newspaper which continues to this day.

Using what he comes across and astonishes him, new images take form, synergising with the encountered materials or subjects. Pieces are characterised by a suggestion of movement and the infinite, especially in the cases where De Goede has constructed his frames from bamboo or branches, thereby freeing the work from the traditional plane of the canvas.
Recent work explores a sense of endless space, De Goede paints using the soot of a burning candle, or creates pieces which are guided by how light and shadows fall on organically shaped canvas.

De Goede Lives and works between Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and his farm house in the South of France. His work is part of numerous prominent public and private collections around the world.


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